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Our Approach

Your Sasang Body Landscape begins with a reading of your Five Element Natal Chart. At the moment of birth, when we take our first breath, the proportion of the Five Elements in the air determines what proportion of the related element enters each of our major organs. This pattern dictates the balance of energies in and between our major organs – showing which are weak and susceptible to health issues and which are strong and healthy.

Body Landscape combines two ancient Asian traditions: Korean Sasang Constitutional Medicine and Chinese Five Element Natal Charts. Together, these traditions form a holistic view of your body as a living energetic landscape not unlike those found in nature. Your body is a living, breathing organism that interacts with the energies around you, and the foods you use to fuel yourself. The energy in the food you eat has a direct and dramatic effect on the balance of your energies within.

(Five Element Natal Chart)

Through a nutritional program, you can improve the energy balance by creating stronger energy where there is weakness, decreasing excessive energies, and improving circulation where there is blockage.

Symptoms We Treat

Are you suffering from health or emotional issues that you just can’t resolve? Feeling frustrated that your doctor can’t explain where these symptoms are coming from or how to cure them? Do you sense that there is something clearly wrong but just can’t figure out the solution?

Understand your body and emotions, where your symptoms are coming from, and how to alleviate them, using a personalized nutritional program designed specifically for your body.

It’s time to get your health and energy back!

We have seen many symptoms vastly improve or even completely disappear when our clients follow their Body Landscape nutritional program. In a holistic healing approach, as physical imbalances are corrected, the emotional health will also improve.

Some examples are:
arthritis, general joint pain and inflammation, lupus, eczema and other skin allergies/rashes, acne, respiratory allergies, asthma, bronchitis, chronic cough, sinusitis, colds, flu, digestive problems, acid reflux, stomach cramps, poor appetite, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation, type 2 diabetes, high/low blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid problems, frequent urination, kidney/bladder infections, edema, low back pain, leg cramps, earaches, ringing in the ear, dizziness, hyperactivity, fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, anger, fear, depression, sluggishness, headaches, weight gain/loss, low grade fever, food allergies, heart disease, gout etc.


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Jaguang Sunim

Jaguang Sunim, a Zen Buddhist nun, is a meditation teacher and Alternative Health Practitioner focused on guiding others in their spiritual growth and achieving optimum health. She has over 35 years of experience in the study and practice of Zen, and 30 years in the ancient system of Five Element Sasang constitutional medicine.

Jaguang began her Zen training in Songgwangksa monastery in South Korea in the late 1970s. There, she met Korean monk Venerable Hyunoong Sunim, who profoundly influenced her approach to both spiritual practice and physical health. One of the most profound impacts was the Five Element Sasang constitutional medicine system and its nutritional program designed to balance her body’s specific needs. She worked alongside Hyunoong Sunim for 25 years, studying and applying this system in her own life, and providing nutritional consultations for clients worldwide.

Her many years of Zen practice and transformative spiritual experiences, in addition to her personal experiences of deep internal healing, have resulted in her empathy for those who are either experiencing physical health challenges and/or devoted to a path of awakening. She provides consultations to anyone worldwide who is interested in cultivating better physical health and/or spiritual growth.

Jaguang is currently the only practitioner of Five Element Sasang in North America fully certified by Hyunoong Sunim . Any alternative health practitioner interested in training in this system is welcome to contact her.

Jaguang teaches at  Sixth Ancestor Zen Victoria, in Victoria, BC Canada. 


Master Hyunoong Sunim

Master Sunim resides in Seoul, South Korea, and is currently the Abbot of the Sixth Ancestor Temple in Seoul.

From the age of 20, Master Hyunoong Sunim trained in South Korea under the highly respected Zen Master Kusan Sunim. After several years of an intensive meditation schedule he developed health problems which neither doctors nor herbalists nor acupuncturists could cure. Finally he met an herbalist who diagnosed and treated him according to his body constitution. The herbal formula had a dramatic, positive effect which, “was like the difference between night and day.” He became determined to study and understand this system that had so profoundly improved his health.

In 1985, Master Hyunoong Sunim was invited to teach in Switzerland. The language difficulties prompted him to study the Chinese system of Five Element natal charts in order to better understand the personality and emotions of his Zen students. In 1986 he moved to Canada, accompanied by Jaguang Sunim as his translator. As he continued his studies of both Sasang medicine and Five Element charts, he had a revelation that the Five Element charts could potentially indicate a person’s Sasang Body Constitution with great accuracy. For the next twenty years he researched and practiced this new system of combining the two traditions, with remarkable results.

In 1991, Master Sunim and Jaguang Sunim opened a Zen center in Berkeley, CA where they offered traditional Korean Zen instruction and a variety of healing practices.


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“Sasang Body Landscape has created fantastic clinical improvement in my clients with fibromyalgia, early multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, incontinence and digestive disorders.”

– Dr. Osa Jackson, Ph.D., Physical Therapist