Meet fellow Lesser Yang or Lesser Yin people.
Share recipes, stories, experiences, & find/give support.
I’m happy to introduce two Facebook groups, Lesser Yang Nation, for those of the Lesser Yang or Greater Yang body constitutions, and Lesser Yin Nation, for those of the Lesser Yin or Greater Yin body constitutions.

The purpose of these private groups is to help you meet others who are your body constitution and following a similar diet to yours.
This will be an online community where you can make new friends, share recipes, share experiences on your nutritional plan, the changes you have gone through, and find/give support and encouragement to others.

To Join Your Group:
Login to your Facebook account. Do a search for Lesser Yang Nation or Lesser Yin Nation. Click on the “Join” box. Respond to the questions and submit.

These are private groups, restricted to those who have had their Five Element Sasang consultation with Jaguang Sunim. You can feel assured that these are people whose body constitution  has been properly diagnosed,  guided accordingly in their nutritional programs, and are following an accurate Five Element Sasang Food Categories list.Group Guidelines:

Please remember to always be kind and courteous, and respectful of each other. Each person transforms in their own ways and in their own time. No hate speech or bullying, no judging or blaming. We each have our own unique health journey, and each person deserves support and encouragement.

– Sincerity, Kindness, Integrity, Respect –
Our Spiritual Practice & Our Constitutional Diet – How Each Supports the Other

A spiritual path consists of self-cultivation, discipline, joys and struggles. But all of it we engage in because we want to improve our life, find happiness and peace of mind.  For some, their purpose extends to spiritual awakening, that direct realization of who we are, our fundamental essence, beyond ego, beyond personality.

But for everyone, the path of our human life begins with the birth of our body. When we are born we arrive in a package that is made up of our physical body, our internal organs, our emotional tendencies and our thinking patterns. This also includes the arrangement of our internal energies, our energy profile that we receive at birth, which fundamentally never changes throughout our lives. This energy profile is described as our Body Constitution.

Acceptance of Our Body Constitution & Nutritional Plan
– The Way of Least Resistance –

A program of self-transformation will inevitably lead us to struggles between resisting change and accepting change. For example, inevitably, some of the foods on our “avoid” list will be our favorites, and we resist having to let go of those foods. Our initial reaction can be to resist – resisting what is best for us, resisting what doesn’t serve us, even resisting our body constitution and what is required to take care of it, to support its health.

So, acceptance is part of what we work on, in transforming our bodies and growing as healthy, spiritual beings. Acceptance is the way of least resistance. The sooner we can accept what is best for us, and let go of our old habits of eating, and old habits of lifestyle around food and exercise, the smoother and easier our journey becomes.

This means accepting what is real and true about our body and its needs, and letting go of old ideas about what tastes good or feels comforting in the moment – even though those moments of indulgence may eventually lead to more pain.

Sometimes this means letting go of our ideas of how much energy we have or don’t have, how much we want to exercise or not exercise, or how much we want to be an athlete and to push our body, or to do no exercise and just relax in our spare time.

The more we do this, the more our body supports us in these new ways of eating, as it goes through processes of change and renewal. Our body will reward us by feeling clearer, more balanced, and healthier.

Accepting this body we have been blessed with, and nurturing it according to its needs, is the smoothest path to good health, contentment, and peace of mind regarding our health. Resistance and rejection always make our journey more difficult, they increase our struggles and frustrations, increase tension and stress.

So it is helpful to closely examine our thinking habits around our body and diet. Look closely at your expectations vs the reality of your body’s needs. This takes time, as it is something we see in ourselves little by little, tiny facet by tiny facet, over weeks, months, even years. Work on being your own best, most supportive friend, encouraging your own small efforts day by day.

When our attitude and our thinking are in line with our constitution and flow with our body’s needs, then we will experience more harmony physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
When we bring this harmony into our spiritual practice this creates a strong foundation that supports us on all levels.

We can then be more grounded, less anxious, with more mental clarity. Through our meditation practice we can then settle into that silent awareness that is the essence of who we are, the storehouse of great wisdom.

Jaguang Sunim