Are you suffering from chronic health symptoms? They may be caused by certain foods in your diet. Learn which foods are most healing and most harmful for you.

Sasang Constitutional Medicine: Restore your health using Five Element principles of foods designed to balance & nourish your unique body constitution.

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What We Provide

“Master Sunim’s approach was unique and useful for me. Now my energy is more balanced and clear. I recommend him to everyone.”

Sarah Powers, Yoga Teacher

“I’ve lost weight with no effort, and I feel cleansed and healthy.”

Deborah Y.

“The first week on the diet was such a relief. My irrational fears seemed to float away, there was no anxiety and no mood swings. I felt in harmony with what I call the universal energy. From the bottom of my heart I thank you.”


“As someone who has long suffered with bipolar disorder and takes medication every day, I still felt as if there was something wrong. Following your food plan has helped regulate my body in a way that leaves me free to live and work with peace and clarity. I feel more centered, with a significant improvement in my level of anxiety and stress.”

Chris M.

“Sasang Body Landscape has created fantastic clinical improvement in my clients with fibromyalgia, early multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, incontinence and digestive disorders.”

DR. Osa Jackson, PH.D., Physical Therapist

“Your consultation is the single most healing experience I have had in my 54 years. I have experienced more joy and aliveness than I can ever remember. It’s as though my body has finally found the right fuel. You have discovered a profound truth about the physical body reflecting the universe. Your consultations can change lives.”

Linda J.