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Five Element Sasang Constitutional Medicine

Many people feel challenged in their meditation practice by the distractions of physical pain, such as low back pain, joint pain, digestive issues, headaches, allergies, etc. Or they may frequently deal with chronic emotions such as anxiety, worry, depression or anger. What we don’t realize is that by adjusting our diet in a way that nourishes and balances our body constitution, these kinds of symptoms can often be completely alleviated. This frees us to focus on our spiritual practice with more clarity and much less distraction. These kinds of symptoms are in fact, unnecessary distractions.

Are you still struggling with health issues in spite of “eating healthy”? Have you been avoiding gluten, dairy, lectins, sugars, carbs, fats, or other foods just in case these are causing your symptoms, yet not feeling any better? Do you worry that the food you eat today might make your symptoms worse? Are you feeling confused and frustrated about exactly which foods help you and which hurt you?

The key to understanding how to recover your health is to have an accurate picture of which foods are triggering your symptoms and which foods promote health for your body’s specific nutritional needs.

Each person has their own unique internal energy profile, or Body Landscape, that they are born with. Your energy profile has specific nutritional requirements to maintain healthy internal balance. We are all different. The very same foods that make one person energized and healthy can actually make another person sick.

Your personalized Five Element Sasang nutritional plan identifies precisely the foods that are most appropriate for your unique energy profile, to deeply rebalance your body and promote overall wellness. Your wellness process then continues with guidance through monthly Follow-up Sessions.

“What is unique about the Body Landscape system is it allows an accurate identification of the underlying root of your internal imbalance. When the root is understood, the most effective approach to optimum wellness becomes crystal clear.” – Jaguang

Your body has an intrinsic ability to maintain its own health, given the right conditions.

Your body’s self-healing system is activated only when the right condition is present: a state of internal balance. This balance is achieved by providing your body with the foods that most support good health for your specific energy profile, or Body Landscape.

Imagine knowing the precise nutritional plan that can achieve ideal wellness for you, and sensing your body responding positively!

“For every classic western doctor, there should be a master in Five Element Sasang Constitutional Medicine. Our consultation was the first time someone has taken such a comprehensive, holistic approach to my health, rather than studying me as a machine made up of independent, disconnected parts, then prescribing strong medication with ridiculous side effects. Your insight made me realize how food can serve as powerful medicine—something that could save many people from pain and healthcare bills.”
– Haley M.

350 Sa Sang, Bazi and Food as Medicine • Jaguang Sunim

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Jaguang Sunim

Zen Buddhist nun, Meditation Teacher and Nutrition Consultant. My 30+ years of spiritual training (8 years in S. Korea) have included nutritional and energy practices to nurture and balance our physical & emotional aspects, creating a healthy foundation for our spiritual practice. Resolving my own health struggles has made me passionate about helping others do the same. I am currently the only practitioner in North America fully certified by Hyunoong Sunim in his Five Element Sasang system.

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Using Food as Medicine.

Sasang Constitutional Medicine (SCM): This Traditional Korean Medicine is an ancient system of body constitution that reveals the specific foods that will promote ideal health for your body.

Five Element Sasang: Body Landscape: This profound system combines the wisdom of SCM with the ancient Chinese Medicine principles of Five Element philosophy. By combining these two systems I can accurately target what your body needs to promote ideal wellness.

No Single Diet Plan Works for Everyone.
We are All Different!

Your body has its own unique energy (“chi”) profile & nutritional needs – your internal Body Landscape. I design a nutritional program that matches the energetic qualities of foods with your body’s specific energetic needs. When your internal energetic landscape is balanced, internal processes toward wellness begin.

Your initial nutritional consultation is followed by monthly assessment and support sessions. I work with my clients over the long term to guide them back to wellness.

How may I assist you with your
 specific healthy goals?

  • Are you feeling discouraged by repeated failures to achieve your wellness goals?
  • Are you tired of trying various methods that just aren’t helping?
  • Do you feel frequently burdened by emotions such as anxiety, worry, sadness, depression, fear, anger or impatience?
  • Are you tired of struggling with your health and never feeling at your best?
  • Do you struggle with food cravings?
  • Would you like to find a more natural, holistic, long-­term solution to achieve greater well-being?
  • Have you tried “eating healthy” with no real success in achieving your health goals?
  • Do you feel healthy but would still like to know which foods most nourish and support you, & which can put your health at risk?
  • Would you like to be more committed to a spiritual path, but health or emotional issues are creating roadblocks, making practice more difficult?

If any of these resonate with you, contact me for a complementary, no obligation interview!

“I struggled for years with health issues, and saw practitioners who could provide no answers. During my Zen training, I was blessed to meet a Korean Buddhist monk who taught me the Five Element Sasang: Body Landscape system. My Body Landscape diet completely turned my health around, and quite honestly saved my life. I feel a deep obligation to share this system with others, and make it known to the world. Based on my personal experience, and that of thousands of clients, if you are willing to change the way you eat, I am confident that over time, you too can achieve optimum health.” – Jaguang

“I’m a big believer in the ancient healing system Jaguang practices, and I really enjoyed meeting her. She’s a kind, warm-­hearted person, and the amount she charges for her consultations is quite reasonable. Five stars, no question.”

-­ Roger H.

How effective is this system?

My clients have the final say!

“Jaguang is simply one of the best out there. My wife, Sarah Powers and I have done her Body Landscape consultation and found it to be very effectual. As a result we have sent dozens of (now) very happy clients to her. My wife suggests in all of her yoga trainings around the world that her students contact Jaguang. You will be in very good, knowledgeable hands… do not hesitate to give her a try.”

-­ Ty Powers

Are you ready to begin your journey to great health?

  • Regain the wellness and vitality that lets you focus on what truly inspires you.
  • Understand how to stabilize your weight, and which foods most directly affect it.
  • Establish a more grounded foundation for your emotions, and understand what foods trigger specific emotions for you.
  • Gain freedom from food cravings by giving your body the foods that create the internal balance that your body is actually craving.
  • Experience the freedom and confidence of knowing the foods that best fuel your body, and being fully in charge of your own health.
  • Gain a deep understanding of your body, your unique internal energy patterns and how to maintain long-­term health.
  • Become a balanced, joyful person and find more harmony with your partner through relationship compatibility.

“Although I will always begin by guiding you onto your Body Landscape Nutritional Program, including supportive Follow-up Sessions, I often add on other modalities to facilitate health recovery. A multi-faceted approach can be extremely effective in achieving whole-being wellness.” -Jaguang

“Your consultation is the single most healing experience I have had in my 54 years. In just two months, I have experienced more joy and aliveness than I can ever remember. It’s as though my body has finally found the right fuel. You have discovered a profound truth about the physical body. Your consultations can change lives, and I thank you deeply!”

-­ Linda J.

“Combining physical therapy with Jaguang’s Body Landscape nutritional plans has created fantastic clinical improvement in my patients with fibromyalgia, early multiple sclerosis, arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, incontinence, and digestive disorders. I encourage anyone practicing health care to explore this unique and valuable contribution to the rehabilitation of your patients.”

– Dr. Osa Jackson, Ph.D., Physical Therapist

“My acid reflux has stopped, the indigestion has greatly improved, I’ve lost weight with no effort, and I feel cleansed and healthy.” – Deborah Y.

“After four months on my recommended diet, my cold and exercise-induced asthma that I’d had for 44 years seems to have disappeared.” –Maria T.

See more testimonials.

The Sasang Body Landscape system “specializes” in determining the underlying source of your body’s internal imbalance. When the imbalance is corrected by avoiding the foods that do not serve your constitutional makeup, your body will gradually establish its ideal wellness.

Some of my clients’ most
 common concerns:

Digestive: Gas, bloating, acid reflux, indigestion, irritable bowel, food sensitivities, sugar cravings, constipation, diarrhea.

Respiratory: Asthma, allergies, shortness of breath, frequent colds, sinus congestion.

Skin: Eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, acne, skin allergies and sensitivities. Urinary: Frequent urination, frequent UTI, edema, tendency to kidney stones.

Reproductive: Painful, heavy or irregular menses, fibroids.

Heart: Chest pain, fatigue, irregular or rapid heartbeat, high or low blood pressure.

Pain: Joint pain, arthritis, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, restless legs, leg cramps, nerve pain or numbness, low grade fever, headaches, migraines, neck pain, shoulder or upper back tightness, low back pain.

Emotional: Anxiety, worry, depression, sadness, anger, impatience, fear.

Miscellaneous: Weight gain or loss; Fatigue; Insomnia; High or low blood pressure; High cholesterol.

Whole-Being Wellness Menu

Chinese Herbal formulas: Designed specifically for your body’s energy patterns. Alleviate health symptoms, open deep energy blocks, increase stamina and provide a nourishing tonic.

Taoist Breathing Practice: This Taoist-­style Qi-­gong practice combines yoga-­like postures with lower abdominal breathing patterns to increase energy and open deep energy blocks. A remarkable practice that opens blocked energy, provides deep physical & emotional transformation, and sets the stage for deep spiritual practice. Available in the San Francisco Bay Area only.

Relationship Compatibility: Learn how you and your partner’s energies blend. Are they harmonious or in conflict? Learn more about your partner’s personality, emotions and moods in order to better understand and accept who they are, and how you can co-­‐exist in harmony.

Zen Meditation: My personal core practice. I offer instruction in this path of awakening, to discover who we truly are.

I help my clients to adopt health & wellness practices. I am not a licensed physician, nor do I diagnose or treat disease. I offer no promises or guarantees of improved health. I do not make recommendations regarding medical treatment or medications. The services I offer are not licensed by the state, as the state of California has no licensing requirements for nutritional consultants or herbalists. My services are alternative or complementary to healing arts services licensed by the state of California.