Response to Psyllium Husks Test

Many have responded to my story of testing psyllium husks in my last newsletter, and the results that they are energetically “Warming”.

I heard from some Lesser Yang people who had been using psyllium husks regularly for some time, and after reading my newsletter they stopped using it. They are reporting that they now feel a noticeable improvement in their sense of wellbeing!

One of my clients, Brenda Sorkin, who is Lesser Yang, and a Feldenkrais practitioner wrote:
“You helped me become aware of my habitual use of psyllium husks. During the pandemic, I have lunch at home, which is when I make my green drink in which I put nutritional yeast, flax seeds and psyllium husks. I had been noticing how my energy seems depleted after lunch — I would want to lie down — I was thinking it was a part of aging — I am 71 now. But no, once I read your email, I stopped the psyllium husks and I no longer have that drop of energy. I feel so much better now that I’m off the psyllium husks — that was really good timing for me. I feel I can sense things better now.”

This is further confirmation of psyllium being warming in character.

This can also serve as a good reminder, that if you are taking something that is not yet classified on our Food Categories document, pay close attention to how you feel a few hours, or the next day, after taking it.

This is a general principle that is helpful for anyone, regardless of your body constitution. If you are following your Body Landscape nutritional program but have been feeling tired, or sluggish, or experiencing any type of change in your usual sense of wellbeing, think back to what you ate the previous day, and you may be able to detect the culprit.

It could be a new food you have been trying (especially if it is not on our Food Categories list), or even a supplement, that has disturbed your internal energy balance and is causing your sense of not feeling as well as you could.

If you are not sure of the cause of your symptoms, keep a simple journal of what you are eating and drinking each day, and a few notes of how you feel the next day. You may be able to trace your symptoms back to something you were not suspecting.

Those who are following their Five Element Sasang constitutional diets fairly strictly will be able to notice the difference when they start including something in their diet that is not suitable for their constitution. This could even be some ingredient in a product that you didn’t realize was there. A little detective work can often reveal the culprit, and help you get back to feeling well again.

If you would like to know your Body Landscape, and the nutritional plan that is ideal for your body, you can schedule an appointment to meet with me. Begin the process by filling out the Intake Form on my website:

My Visit to SF Bay Area

In early November I traveled to the San Francisco Bay Area where I had wonderful visits with many of my dharma friends there. It was heartwarming to connect with everyone again – I miss you all!
A special thank you to my dear friend Sierra, for generously allowing me to stay in her beautiful home. You are always so welcoming, and just a sweet soul to hang out with.
AND, the weather was beautiful – sunny, warm, that perfect late autumn Bay Area climate! I confess it made me feel a little homesick  : )
Now that travel is relatively “safe” again, I plan to visit more often.

Possible online Zen group – anyone interested?

I’m considering starting an online group to study Korean Zen, Buddhism in general, and do some meditation together. It could be every couple of weeks, or once a month, whatever seems to fit everyone the best.

It would be a combination of dharma talk, Zen instruction, time for silent meditation together, and question period.

Zen practice helps us to see who we are, beyond our thoughts, judgements, opinions, and emotions.
The activity of our constant thinking processes and whirl of emotions drains our energy and creates stress, more than we might ever imagine.

However, we also have a place within us that is silent, empty, and at peace. It is who we truly are, the essence of our being – love and wisdom. This is our True Self. When we directly experience this, we are truly free.

Learning how to surrender into that place that is our True Self not only brings us peace of mind and inner silence, but it also helps us to let go of those final underlying aspects of ourselves that can trigger emotions and even physical health symptoms.

Cultivating our spiritual side is the “other half” of taking care of ourselves. Through spiritual practice we experience the full potential of who we are as human beings. If you are interested in joining my online Zen group, please let me know. It will be by donation.
You can reply to this newsletter or message me through the Contact Page on my website.

Meditation Guidance – Appointments Now Available

If you would like some one-on-one time with me to talk about your meditation practice, I have now set up an appointment link on my Zen website to schedule these private meetings. You are welcome to meet with me whether you are new to meditation and need basic instruction, or if you have been sitting for some time and feel you need some further direction.

You may be bumping up against difficulties in your practice, or feel that you are spinning your wheels and not maturing in your practice.

Whatever your questions, I encourage you to ask them and seek solutions. This is how we evolve and grow in our practice.

Schedule an appointment on my calendar via this link:

Chinese Herbal Treatments for Winter

Winter is upon us once again! Time for that annual or semi-annual Chinese herb treatment to open energy blocks, and balance and strengthen our body overall.

If you have taken a Chinese herbal formula with us before, and know you do well with it, this is a good time of year to give your body that internal “tune-up”. Or, as Hyunoong Sunim likes to say, “time to tighten up those loose nuts and bolts”!

If you have not taken an herbal formula with us, and are interested in a treatment, contact me and we can begin the process of finding a formula that is the ideal fit for your body and your constitution.
As an addition to your nutritional program, it can be an excellent tonic to rebalance, strengthen, and protect your health. We also provide formulas for Colds & Flu, for all of the body constitutions in Five Element Sasang. It can be helpful to keep 3-4 packages on hand in your freezer, to take at the first sign of a cold or flu. The herbs usually eliminate symptoms quickly, and have you feeling well again in 1-2 days. No need to be sick for a week with a bad cold.

Learn more here:

Chinese herb prices are increasing in the New Year.
Like everything else these days, the wholesale prices of Chinese herbs have increased significantly over the past year. Some have even doubled in price.
I have tried to keep our prices as reasonable as possible, but now I really must raise prices to adjust for my much higher wholesale costs.
Beginning January 1, 2024, prices will change from $185.00 for a 10-day treatment, to $210.00 If you wish to purchase you herb treatment at the current price, please place your order by December 31st, 2023.

Happy Holidays!

Sending my warmest wishes to you all, for a Happy, Healthy, and Safe holiday season. For Lesser Yin folks, this is a wonderful season of great food that fits your constitution – enjoy the turkey, sweet potatoes and pies! For Lesser Yang folks, choose the option of ham, with rice, roasted brussel sprouts or steamed rutabaga (my English ancestry!) and cranberry sauce. Baked acorn squash provides a rich texture and sweetness that is very satisfying to the palate. May you find peace, joy, and wisdom in the New Year!

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