The Ancient Wisdom of Five Element Sasang Constitutional Medicine

Encouragement & Recommendations for Challenging Times

I wanted to offer some words of encouragement with so many people experiencing increased stress and anxiety as our world deals with this unusual situation of a global pandemic.

Everyone is concerned for their own health and for those close to them.

We can make extra efforts to maintain optimum health & protect our immune system in these unusual and challenging times.

Recommendations to promote and protect your health:
1) Both you and your loved ones will benefit from diligently following your Body Landscape nutritional program. Take extra precautions to refrain from eating the foods on your “avoid” list.

How does this help?
Your “avoid” foods will have a negative impact on your body in several ways:
– Further weakening your inherently weak internal organs.
– Weakening your immune system and compromising your overall health.
– Creating energetic imbalance for your entire internal system.
– Disrupting and blocking the energy flow through your internal organs and throughout your whole body.
– Reducing your stamina, giving your body less strength with which to fight off illness.

Your “healing” foods will strengthen your weak internal organs, improve energy flow, create better overall circulation, improve stamina and mental clarity, and create a strong immune system.

If you need further guidance or assistance with your nutritional program, you can schedule a 40 minute Follow-up Consultation by clicking on the blue button below.
In the Follow-up consultation we can assess how you are doing so far, and if you have been struggling with your diet, help you to get back on track. We can also create meal plans that fit your eating habits and lifestyle schedule, making it easier to let go of the foods on your “avoid” list, finding good substitutions, and learning how to emphasize the foods that most support your health.

2) Take a Chinese herbal formula prescribed for your body constitution.
– If you have taken Body Landscape Chinese herbs in the past, and have experienced good benefits, now is an ideal time to take another 10-day treatment.
How does this help?
– The herbs strengthen and protect your body’s weaker and most vulnerable areas, at an even deeper level than what foods can do.
– They open energy blocks that have accumulated through stress, worry, anxiety, illness such as colds and flu, physical injury and fatigue.
– Chinese herbs prepared for your body constitution provide the greatest potency to strengthen and protect your immune system as well as the overall functioning of your whole internal system.

If you have not yet taken a Body Landscape Chinese herbal formula and feel that you could benefit from a fortifying tonic formula, then this is an ideal time to do that.

Now that we are all spending most of our time at home, this is an excellent opportunity to cook our Chinese herb formula. We can do this when we are not in a rush, and give our full heart and attention to the process.

To order Chinese herbs, go to the Order page on my website, or send me an email.

3) Get Sufficient Exercise
– Even while self-isolating and social distancing it is important to exercise, if you have an appropriate or private outdoor space away from people other than your household, or indoors.
– Aerobic exercise where we raise our heart and respiration rates and begin to perspire, keeps our energy and blood circulating, an important aspect of maintaining good health. This also helps to keep our head clear and our emotions positive.
– Follow an online class or on YouTube at home, doing the specific upper or lower body exercise recommended for your constitution. These can also provide good aerobic exercise and are fun to follow along.
– Dance! Play music! Dance playfully at home, alone or with your self-isolating family members.

4) Get Sufficient Sleep
– Resist the temptation to stay up late watching TV and movies. Even though you may not have to get up for work, maintaining your regular sleep/wake schedule will better protect your health.
-Disrupting our sleep schedule can mean less sleep or poorer quality sleep, especially if you are also increasing your electronic screen time, eyes focused on TV, tablets, laptops and smart phones.
– Hours of viewing electronic screens can strain our eyes and play havoc with our nervous system, and can potentially cause fatigue. Enjoy your viewing time, but with reasonable limits.
– Limit the time you spend watching the news. Once or twice a day is enough to stay updated with the current situation. More than that can just cause stress or anxiety.

5) Set aside daily quiet time for contemplation and meditation

– When our heart is at peace and our mind at rest, not only does this benefit our health, but it nourishes our soul and brings us closer to our own innate wisdom.
– Life’s challenges are never as threatening or worrisome when we take some time to sit quietly. This cultivates a healthy perspective.
– Anxiety is triggered by thoughts of what might happen in the future. But if we look at what is happening right now, in this present moment, right in front of us, we will see that we are actually OK. For situations that we have no control over, frequently re-connecting with this present moment is what will bring us peace of mind. Simply ask yourself, “But am I / my loved ones OK right now?”
– If you feel drawn to a spiritual path, then the deep levels of awareness, silence and wisdom which one can experience are endless. I encourage you to find a tradition and teacher you feel a comfortable connection with.

In future newsletters I will be including a “Featured Client” section in which you can share your experiences of your Body Landscape nutritional program. Your story can inspire and encourage others. You can participate anonymously, or using your first name only, or with your name and website address if you have one, or even with a video. If you wish to participate, please send me an email.

In future, I will also be providing both Lesser Yin and Lesser Yang – friendly recipes, so if you have some delicious recipes please email them to me so everyone can share. If you have a photo of the finished dish that is even better!

Wishing you good health, a peaceful heart, and continued cultivation / transformation of your inner wisdom and whole being.

– Jaguang

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