Master Sunim’s approach was very unique and useful for me. I had honed in on my constitution through other methods but he allowed me to see more specifically the difference between hot and cold body systems and foods. I did not know I had excess heat in my upper body and his diagnosis helped me to bring much greater balance through the foods I now choose and the way I work with my body in my yoga practice. Now my energy is more balanced and clear and my health very good. I recommend him to everyone interested in optimal health and vitality.
Sarah Powers, Yoga Teacher

Combining physical therapy with Sasang Body Landscapes has created fantastic clinical improvement in my clients with fibromyalgia, early multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, incontinence, and digestive disorders. I encourage anyone practicing health care to explore this unique and valuable contribution to the rehabilitation of your patients.

Dr. Osa Jackson, Ph.D., Physical Therapist

My body consultation results confirmed and explained many things in my life, from why I had breech babies to why I’m addicted to salt. I think of Jaguang and her gentle voice at least 3 times a day – every time I make a choice about what to eat. I made the changes she suggested and very quickly I started seeing results – I don’t think I’ve been this healthy and in tune with my body in my life. This is the best money I’ve ever spent and I just got my husband a consultation.

Carmela F.
I am so thankful to be able to work with Jaguang. I’ve been trying all sorts of food combinations and restrictions to feel better and to stop reflux. Jaguang was able to explain my specific constitution to me in a way that makes so much sense. Knowing that I am cold and damp and what foods will help warm up and dry up has been extremely helpful and decreased my pain significantly. It is unlike anything that is mainstream popular right now (gluten free and all the rest). I highly recommend Jaguang and her knowledge and care and expertise.
Susan K.
After four months on the diet recommended for me, my cold and exercise-induced asthma that I’d had for 44 years seems to have disappeared. I now actually look forward to walking in very cold weather, just to experience that these symptoms no longer manifest.
Maria T.

Since having my consultation I have been on my Constitutional Diet for three weeks. My acid reflux has stopped, the indigestion has greatly improved, I’ve lost weight with no effort, and I feel cleansed and healthy.

Deborah Y.

I have read and re-read your diagnosis and diet recommendations and am finally beginning to have a clear picture of why I’ve had such a frustrating struggle with health all my life – eating all the “healthy foods” but continuing to experience poor health, from allergies, stomach ulcers, constipation, kidney infections, arthritis, and chronic, excruciating headaches. I have followed your recommendations for the past year with truly amazing results. Many of the above problems have vanished. Now I have to get reacquainted with myself, because I’m feeling like an entirely different person – calmer and more integrated. I cannot adequately thank you for your kindness and excellent help.

Pat H.
When I received your consultation I could not have been more surprised at the suggestions — so many foods I had not eaten in years, and to avoid things that were my foods of choice. They were supposed to be good for you! After three days of the new dietary regimen the joints in my hands completely stopped aching and the swelling was gone. My fingers are more mobile now than in years. My major joints, hips, knees, and shoulders are much better. At work some days I am doing desk work, and other days I am standing pretty much nonstop for 7-8 hours. Most of the time I do not have pain now. Thank you so much for all you have done. The disappearance of the pain I have had for so many years has been a truly wonderful experience. I feel like going out and conquering the world again!
Virginia B.

Changing my diet has been fabulous! For at least 20 years I had been dealing with yellow skin and terrible migraines. Now my skin is pink! It still catches me by surprise all the time. I have gone three weeks without a migraine (I was having them about 3-4 times a week!). The changes have been so dramatic that my mother agreed to order a consultation for herself. Again, thank you so much!

Laura W.

Thank you for the consultation which I received last week. I am already having good results. I am able to go to the bathroom without using laxatives. I have much more energy and am able to work all day. Much of the body stiffness is leaving. My ankles and feet don’t hurt as much, so I will be able to start walking soon. I stopped taking Zantac and my stomach seems to be okay.

Lee S.
Your consultation is the single most healing experience I have had in my 54 years. Over the past fifteen years I have tried acupuncture, astrology, Qigong, t’ai chi, yoga, numerology, Western drugs, Chinese herbs, and more forms of body work than my body knew what to do with. Each therapy has given different benefits, but none has touched the core of my imbalance like your profoundly accurate analysis. In the two months since I began, I have experienced more joy and aliveness than I can ever remember. It’s as though my body has finally found the right fuel. You have discovered a profound truth about the physical body reflecting the universe. Your consultations can change lives, and I thank you deeply!
Linda J.

When I received my consultation from you I began to follow the diet immediately, without deviation. After only ten days I felt different. I was more alert and had no fatigue. I was free of the feeling that I needed to sleep, whenever not at work. I continued with the diet and became free of joint pain, free of headaches, and free of a chronic ache in my left foot and ankle. I was able to eat without an immediate sensation of abdominal cramps and diarrhea. I have lost about 45 pounds and have improved endurance. I have referred fatigued friends and colleagues to you. When I had almost given up on ever feeling good, I am so grateful to have been introduced to your system. Thank you for sharing this wisdom.

Kathleen G.

When I first received the diagnosis of my SCM Body Constitution, I was really skeptical. However, the description of what could happen to a person of my Constitution – who was eating the way I was, at the time – seemed to match my experience. I had already noticed that foods my friends were thriving on just made me feel worse. I decided to follow the Diet strictly for at least a month as an experiment. At this time I had been sick for about five months with an illness that was never diagnosed. I was so weak that I could no longer lead a normal life. I was worried that I would lose my job. At times I would feel very sick after eating a meal. During those five months I saw three different medical doctors and one Ayurvedic practitioner, but I only became weaker. After three weeks of following my SCM Dietary Program the change in my health was dramatic. First the weakness went away. Then my health and energy level became better than before I was sick. Needless to say, I am happy I tried the diet!

Margaret L.
After six weeks on my Body Constitution diet I am completely off my thyroid medication! My joints feel better, my irritable bowel syndrome has greatly improved and continues to improve. I used to be hungry all the time — if I didn’t eat, my body temperature and energy levels would drop. Now I need less food without these problems. I can eat fiber foods that I couldn’t before, and the mystery of why I could eat some fiber foods and not others is solved. I sleep deeper and longer and feel more rested in the morning. I hold on to muscle mass easier and feel stronger. Overall I have more energy and feel clearer. This has created a psychological, emotional, and spiritual transformation as much as a health transformation. The benefits I’ve experienced are so numerous, it’s just amazing!
Tim S.

Within 3-4 days I started to notice subtle changes both in the way I felt and the quality of my sleep. I noticed that rather than always feeling hot, my body seemed more regulated. It had been years since I slept through an entire night. Since I began following your program, I sleep through and feel rested during the day. My mind is clearer and I feel more centered. I felt a significant change in my level of anxiety and/or stress. I could sit at my desk for longer periods of time without my mind racing, and felt more relaxed when faced with pressure. I look back at all the years I spent feeling over-revved and am very grateful to now feel more in tune with my body; more at peace. As someone who has suffered for years with bipolar disorder and takes medication every day to manage it, I still felt as if there was something wrong in a general sense. Following your food plan has helped regulate my body in a way that leaves me free to live and work with peace and clarity. I tell all my friends about your work and what it has done for me. Thank you for your help!

Chris M.

This is my twenty-fourth day using your Dietary Program. There has been a big change in how I feel and also with my moods. Until I followed the guidelines I didn’t realize just how badly I’d been feeling — headaches, feeling so hot inside, fatigued, etc. The first couple of weeks I followed the diet exactly and I can’t begin to tell you how good I felt. For the last twenty years I’ve had problems with severe depression, fears, and anxiety. I used to get so sad, hopeless, angry, and fearful. I felt so out of control, and this is totally opposite to who I really am. The first week on the diet was such a relief. My irrational fears seemed to float away, there was no anxiety and no mood swings. I felt in harmony with what I call the universal energy. I know there is no going back to the way I used to eat. I am losing weight too. I told my mother that if I can feel peaceful inside as a result of eating this way, it is worth everything to me. Peace of mind is a powerful motivator. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. I will always remember this wonderful gift of health you have given me.