Psyllium Husk Powder- Energetic Classification

Many people have asked me about the energetic character of psyllium husk, as it is a popular remedy for sluggish bowels.
Although I am not as willing as I used to be to experiment on myself, I decided to try this as I get this question so often.

The recommended dosage varies anywhere from ½ to 2 tsp added to 8 oz of water or juice, taken 1-3 times a day.
I decided to be extra cautious, as I am a Lesser Yang constitution and tend to be quite sensitive to any foods that don’t align with my energetic profile. This is because I have followed my nutritional program for so many years.
So I took ¼ tsp in 8 oz of water, mid-afternoon.

When I went to bed that night I began to feel my energy moving up into my head, which gradually turned into a headache. (It is extremely rare for me to have a headache.) This prevented me from sleeping so I got up and drank some barley tea and ate a few dried cranberries, which have cooling energy, to offset the headache. When I got up I realized I was quite dizzy. As I got to the kitchen I had to grab hold of the counter to keep from falling over.

Conclusion: Psyllium husk is warming.

My symptoms were all indications that the psyllium had heated my stomach and depleted my kidney energy. I normally never experience these symptoms of headaches or dizziness.

This means that if you are a Yang constitution, psyllium husk is not recommended for you.

If you are a Yin constitution with cold stomach/spleen energy, and excessive kidney energy, psyllium husk powder will be very suited to you as a short-term solution to constipation.

If you find that you have to rely on it frequently then we need to meet for a Follow-up consultation and go over your eating habits. Constipation can be resolved over the long term by adjusting your proportions of warming and neutral foods.

Understanding your Body Landscape & 
Why this is Important

When you do not know your own Body Landscape, or energetic constitution, and you eat foods that create internal imbalance, you will often not feel the direct effect of those foods or how they are hurting your body.When your energies are out of balance and internal organs are not functioning ideally, your body becomes desensitized to how foods affect it.

But just because you can’t feel the effect of certain foods does not mean that they aren’t hurting you. It simply means your body can’t distinguish between which foods help and which hurt your body.

What you will feel is the longer-term effects of eating these foods, in the form of health symptoms that gradually appear. It will seem as though they appear out of nowhere, for no particular reason. This then leads to the frustrating feeling of not knowing how to alleviate your symptoms and the searches for various remedies.

Once you understand your Body Landscape, you will know precisely which foods best support your body, and which foods will cause harmful imbalance.
By giving your body the right fuel you will help it to recover its health, and maintain good health in the future.

This will also make your body much more sensitive to any foods you might eat that cause energy imbalance. Your body will now have the ability to signal to you that a specific food will cause problems if you continue to eat it.

This is the body’s way of protecting its health.

Zen Meditation Group in Victoria, BC, Canada

I am starting a meditation group here where I live in Victoria, BC. I found a lovely space in the sanctuary of a historic old church. It has space enough for people to sit together, and do walking meditation.My practice/teaching is Korean Hwadu Zen, a spiritual practice that brings the mind to silent awareness. When we sink deeply into awareness and let go of arising thoughts, this sets the stage for us to experience the fundamental nature that is who we truly are. This makes it possible for us to live our lives as the happiness, love, and wisdom that is the essence of our being.

In our zen centers in the USA we also taught Taoist practices that help us to alleviate a variety of health issues and cultivate a foundation of good physical and emotional health. I plan to offer these practices here as well, as they help to clear away many of the obstacles that we often encounter in our sitting practice, allowing us to go more deeply into our practice.

Our next Zen Dharma Talk & Sitting will be on Saturday, October 28th, at 10:30 AM.
I am requesting that attendees pay $20, in the tradition of helping to cover the costs incurred, and supporting the spiritual teacher.

A meditation practice can transform our lives, helping us to no longer live at the whim of our thoughts and emotions. We can experience a contentment in our lives that we never thought possible.

It has always been the tradition that the teacher provides dharma guidance, and the students support the teacher. Like everyone else, spiritual teachers have to pay for housing, food, utilities etc., and need income to do this. I have also found that it is important for students to pay something because it increases their sense of value and their commitment to the practice.

If you live in the Victoria area, join us at the Esquimalt United Church, 500 Admirals Rd, Victoria BC.
Future dates to be announced.

Visit to the San Francisco Bay Area

In the early part of November I will be visiting the Bay Area. I hope to see some of my friends while I’m there. This will be my first visit since the fall of 2019, so it feels like quite some time since I have seen everyone.
I hope to make more frequent visits in the future, now that we all feel safer to travel. Let me know if you are going to be around so we can connect.

During my zen training in South Korea, I was blessed to meet a Korean Buddhist monk, Hyunoong Sunim, who taught me about my Body Landscape, and the foods and herbs that would help me recover my health. It is from him that I learned this whole system of Five Element Sasang Constitutional Medicine. I am deeply indebted and grateful to him.

My primary mission is to guide others in a spiritual path of awakening.
My secondary mission is to guide others in understanding their Body Landscape and the foods/herbs/medicines that will help them to recover and maintain their health.

Supporting our body’s health is an essential aspect of our spiritual path. When we can be healthy and have good internal energy balance, our emotions will change from negative to positive, and we can focus on our meditation practice with more clarity, internal stability, and fewer obstacles. Being healthy in body and mind greatly supports our spiritual path.

I wish you good health, and deep spiritual practice.

Chinese herbal Treatments
For those who are now experiencing the cooler temperatures that come with the autumn and winter seasons, this change in seasons can be a challenging time for our bodies.
A Chinese herbal formula provides more potent, deep internal balancing and strengthening of our energies than what foods can provide.
A ten-day treatment, taken once or twice a year, can protect our health and boost our stamina.
If you have already had your Body Landscape consultation, you can order a treatment of Chinese herbs.
Just send me an email, or reply to this newsletter, and we can arrange that.Learn more here:
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